You know how to buy a healthy hamster? Then the next step is to find the most appropriate place to shop for a hamster. Check all the options available and always think twice. This can be the difference between buying a sick hamster or a happy and healthy one.

Pet shop
This is one of the most common and advertised place to buy a hamster. Here you can find almost all the breeds and colors.

hammyThere are many articles and videos on the web on how bad some pet shops are.
The problem is not with the main chain, but with individual stores because of the manager’s lack of involvement or the staff’s lack of knowledge. And so we deal with neglected pets, Syrian hamsters sold as dwarf breeds and many other. The best way to decide if a pet shop really cares for his pets or not, is to visit it often and carefully look at the pets. They look healthy? They have fresh water and food? The pets look happy or are they afraid of people?
hammySometimes, when you buy an older hamster you could deal with numerous problems including bad health and taming issues.
hammyCheck online to see what other hamster owners say. Did they have problems with some pet shops? The animals are treated badly in a certain pet shop? If so, be very careful and try not to buy from that place because you don’t get smoke without fire!

Many hamster owners consider buying hamsters from a professional breeder a more reliable option than pet shops. You have the guarantee that you are buying a happy and healthy hamster. i love that you can keep in touch with the breeder and tell him exactly what hamster you need and when a female haves babies he can keep that certain baby for you. Hamster breeders don’t made hybrid species in order to have only healthy, original color and easy to tame hamsters which is a super bid advantage and you are positively sure that the hamster lived in a stress free environment

hammyIt might be quite difficult to find a hamster breeder in certain areas.
hammyMake sure you are dealing with an experimented breeder and not someone who accidentally ended up with hamster babies.

Rescue centers

“Make adoption your first option”

There are many hamster in rescue centers that just wait for you to take them home. Try to make difference by giving a home to a hamster that has been through a lot. Animal shelters are the best place to start searching for a hamster. They have a small adoption fee of $7-$10.

hammySometimes they are unable to tell the age of the hamster so you might end up with an old hamster.

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* many other associations, websites, depending on your location .

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