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Here you will find sites with general info about hamster care, health, diet and nutrition etc.

1.  Every one who has a hamster heard of Hamsterific, a great site packed with info about diet and nutrition, care, health and other things hammy related. A great and funny place for hamsters.


2. Having started in 1995, The Hamstery at Hesedetang *'s  is a very tiny hamstery based in Singapore that believes strongly in good breeding ethics and constantly strives to produce good quality hamsters. They are currently specialized in Russian Winter white and White-faced Roborovski hamsters only and believe me: they really do a great job. They take good care of the little ones and the hamsters look so happy.


3.  All you need to know about hamsters; The different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects of hamsters, hamster games, hamster products and much more!

More useful resources will be soon added.


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