Do you want to amaze your friends with your hamster wisdom? Here are some funny and also interesting facts. I can bet my hamster’s food supply for the week that your friends will crown you “King Hammy the 1st” .

hamster facts - hamster with glasses

In the wild, researchers have found as much as 38 pounds of grain stored in a single burrow. Does your hamster avoid his chew sticks and chew on his cage bars? Then try giving him dog biscuits. They’re hard, tasty, and wear down his teeth. He will want to chew on the biscuit rather than the cage. Roborovski hamsters are the smallest species of hamster and the east likely kept as pets. Male: Boar Young: Pups hammyHamsters are now used for scientific research. Because hamsters are so disease-free and breed so rapidly (they can have a new litter every month!) and because they are so friendly and easy to handle, they are a popular choice among scientists. They are often used for cardio-vascular research, as their cardio-vascular system is remarkably similar to that of the human. However, this is certainly something we don’t approve under any circumstances.

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