A useful resource for dwarf hamster owners

dwarh hamster care bookWe all love hamsters and do our best to take great care of them. But sometimes we try too much to do the best that we harm our hamsters.
There is a book which will show you how to take care of your dwarf hamster, what food is best for him, how to react if he catches a cold and any other question a hamster owner might have.
If you are at your first hamster this 72 pages book will be of great help as you will see how you can tame him, how to teach him to react to your voice, how to teach him not to bite and be the greatest dwarf hamster of all.

Here are some things you will find inside the book (the things that I personally found interesting, maybe you will find other things of interest to you):

– the 4 types of dwarf hamsters and the particularities of each breed
– the proper diet for him
– how to tell if you have a boy or a girl
– the list of foods that are not right for a dwarf hamster
– and many others

Another thing that I liked about this book is that you do not only get this book, but you will receive a lot of bonuses, including the audio of this book too. It’s perfect if you have a lot to do in the house as you can listen to it while doing all the work. In my case the audio was a life saver!

It was helpful to me and that’s why I recommend that you also read this book. If you want to get a dwarf hamster or already have one, this little book will solve a lot of problems you may encounter on the way.

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