Caring for hamster
Caring for hamster - How to make him happy!

caring-for-hamsterPeople tend to think that hamsters are not so demanding as having a dog or a cat but this is only half true. Indeed, you don’t have to take the hamster out for a walk or to do his daily bussiness, you do not have to change the litter box so so soften or to buy tons of food to feed him. But hamsters eat too. They need fresh water and food changed every day, they need a clean cage, they need to feel loved and many others.

The only difference is that things are a smaller scale when talking about caring for hamster.
Hamsters are cute, funny, easy to take care of but definitely not the best pet for everyone.

They are not suited for children as they like to bite and even a small nip can scare a child and the hamster can be injured if the child reacts too strong. Also, if you do not help the child and he is the only one responsible for the hamster, caring for hamster can be something too demanding for him.

If you want to have a hamster just because your friend has one or because you are feeling lonely, I mean if you do not truly want a hamster, chances are that you might start neglecting him and it is best not to buy it in the first place.

Proper caring for hamster includes:
- changing the water and food on a daily basis
- cleaning the hamster cage once or twice a week, depending on the type of the cage ( aquarium cages need more cleaning as they have poor ventilation)
- changing the sand box/bowl whenever required
- giving him fresh fruits and veggies but in moderate quantities as they can cause diarrhea
- great toys to play with whenever you are not around : the common hamster wheel, some balls, chew toys, mazes and what diy toys you can come up with
- letting him run in a special enclosure every day or when you have to time to keep an eye on him because you will both enjoy this moment

Caring for hamster also requires you to the fact that no matter if they live in their natural habitat or in our houses, they keep their born with instincts and have a certain hamster behavior so it is best to know how to react in such cases.

If you need to know more, below are some detailed info about proper caring for hamsters.

The food. You have many options from which to choose as they are lots of products on the market. It is best to diversify the hamster’s diet by providing him both with special hamster food and fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t overdo it with the veggies as they contain too much water and do more damage than good to your hamster. Some people give plants to their hamster but I do not advise you to because they can be toxic for him.

The water. It is indicated to buy a water bottle and do not use the bowl as the hamster will most certainly spill it and make a mess in the cage.

Grooming. This is something that the hamster does by himself. After you play with him or after he plays with his cage mate, you will notice that he stops to groom his fur. Still., if you notice that the hamster is quite dirty you can use a cotton ball and water and easily clean him but do not use too much water.

Babies. Caring for baby hamsters is quite demanding as they need to stay in a quiet, draft free room and require lots of attention because this is the moment when they start getting bad or good habits so it all depends on you.

The hamster has a life span of 2-4 years so try to make his life as sweet and happy as possible because caring for a hamster is not that hard if you truly love him.


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