This is a neurological and genetic disorder. The hamster eats and drinks normally, but spends the rest of the time (when he is not sleeping) running in circles. This affection is commonly found in dwarf hamsters, and in very rare cases in Syrian hamsters.

Other symptoms include:back flipping or  pacing.As the hamster gets older, he will start to run in circles more often. Some hamsters will be so severe affected as they will run and run, without stopping to eat or to drink some water.

hammy If discovered in time, this affection can be treated by a vet. The hamster will need all the support you can give him, so take good care of your hamster.

hammy You should NOT breed hamsters suffering from this disorder as this will result in hamsters suffering from the same affection.

hammy If your hamster runs in circles now and then, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has a compulsive behavior. He is  just very active and happy.