This affection is frequent among hamsters that live in community and require immediate attention.Abscesses appear when your hamster has a bite, a wound or a scratch that is infected and his immune system tries to overcome it. The pus will develop under the skin resulting in a big , ugly bump, surrounded by a swelling area.

© Catherine R.H. Houston

Sometimes , sharp objects of food items or even bedding get stuck into your hamster pouches, causing an infection that will most certainly lead to abscess. As we all know that the hamster is a big stasher, it will probably be hard for you to realize if the hamster’s pouches are infected or he just stuffed to much food in there. But if the hamsters has the pouches full all the time it will surely mean that he has an abscess. In this case a veterinarian consult is needed because the hamster could have stomach problems in the future, even if the abscess is treated. You couldn’t stay without food either,no?

The treatments consists in draining, flushing and antibiotics. But the treatment should be made as soon as possible because abscesses sometimes burst and are a great cause of infections.

If the wound which developed into an abscesses was caused by another hamster, you have to separate them before they get into another fight.